Aphex changes
Aphex changes

27th May 2022



  • Intergrations Page
  • Power BI API - new data model


  • Significant increase in task loading speed using the right-hand panel or modal


  • Maps displaying tasks on non-working days
  • Ability to set the end date of a task prior to the start date

13th May 2022



  • Can create a Team without leaving the Gantt
  • Updated interactive and read-only menus for Task links on the Gantt
  • User job titles now include a short description


  • Materials edits not saving when other changes made in modal at the same time
  • Subcontractor filter appearing in order of creation instead of alphabetically
  • End date when extending duration by adding a Status shows the incorrect date on the pop-up menu
  • Resource cells in the Gantt table will not copy and paste
  • Popconfirm windows disappearing off-screen

10th May 2022



  • 'Assignee' can now be configured as a required field
  • 'Plan Accuracy' metric added to Insight - Production Control headline stats


  • In Insight, the metric 'Total Task Days' has been updated to 'Planned Task Days', and the 'Top Issue' metic now features in the headline


  • Copy and pasting Locations also pastes the Work Area
  • Tasks with imported custom calendars unable to be edited
  • Missing Data filter not displaying correct Tasks
  • Ability to copy attributes from Parent Tasks
  • Owner of Successor Tasks in the modal incorrectly appearing as the Owner of Task in view
  • In Insight, the 'Delay Concentration' report showing 'Shifts' instead of 'Days'

2nd May 2022



  • Cannot edit cells in the second Gantt column for Tasks close to the top of the page
  • Personal Saved Custom Column views not appearing after switching Projects
  • Project Assets carried across when switching Projects
  • Unable to edit Task names from the Gantt Table while in WBS view
  • Missing Data Gantt filter still displaying readied Tasks
  • Cannot Copy and Paste the No Work Area Required cell

29th April 2022



  • Materials impacting the ability to edit some Tasks
  • Tasks with overlapping days not being picked up by Clash Detection
  • Dragging Tasks or drawing links outside of view does not automatically scroll

28th April 2022



  • WBS Filter not active on PDF print outs
  • Errors when opening Planner in multiple tabs or windows
  • Moving Tasks removes Statuses and reverts duration to one day
  • Unable to remove multiple Users at one time
  • Ability to resolve clashes without the appropriate permissions

27th April 2022



  • Status Deleted and change to an External ID have been added to the Task Activity Log


  • Admins unable to mark Clashes as Non-Conflicting
  • WBS order on Gantt is inconsistent with order in Project Assets
  • WBS Filter missing in Planner
  • Task Bar colour for non-working days inconsistent
  • Unable to edit Tasks with an archived Calendar
  • Archived Assets still appearing in Gantt drop downs
  • Ability to have both Work Area States when importing with a Location UDF
  • Long Task names being obscured in Modal
  • 'Completed Early' Status Events appearing as 'Unstatused'
  • Filter in Field
  • Ability to create incorrect links between Tasks using the Modal

22nd April 2022



  • Aphex Field is up and running.

  • Workspaces are now Spaces. Users have Personal Spaces and customisable Team Spaces.

  • New Smart Status rules. To trigger a Smart Status prompt when modifying dates, the Task needs to have been promised during the Publication process.

  • New Status: 'Assumed Completed' for Tasks showing in the past without any manual completed status logged

  • When a user changes their structure view, the grouping and sub grouping can be selected individually, with 'Subcontractor' added as a new sub grouping.

  • Package sorting can now be re-arranged in any order with drag and drop

  • New Gantt Column: 'Assignee'

  • New Package Status: 'Deactivated'

  • New toggle: 'Always show empty groups owned by me'

  • New Column Picker

  • New Right-Click menu for Package, WBS, and Owner; including Collapse and Expand controls

  • The Space and view structure a user last selected will be open when they next access Aphex.



  • 'Shared With' has been retired. Packages are now Locked or Public. Any existing Packages with Shared Ownership have been converted to Public.

  • Maps Page in Planner. Now with a collapsable panel and daily tasklist

  • Users can now filter by 'Assigned to'

  • Package rows now show the Package ID

  • Gantt Column Picker will now remember the last columns a user selected and will stay open for the next time they access Aphex

  • Users can now save Gantt Column configurations

  • When viewing a Team Space, a user's own work will now appear in the correct sort order, instead of defaulting to the top of the Gantt table

  • Gantt time controls updated

  • All Task field icons are consistent when viewing work from the Modal and the Gantt table

  • Refresh Data button updated to 'Tidy Up'

  • Gantt search relocated to top of Gantt Table

  • Advanced Right-Click options for Tasks including Copy and Paste, converting Sub-Tasks to Tasks, and moving Tasks.

  • Packages can now be renamed from the Gantt table

  • Users can now filter the Gantt by 'Delay Reason'

  • Ability to add Tasks to the plan from the Backlog without assigning a Package



  • Delegates unable to edit resources
  • Contributors unable to see Location snapshot in Task modal

11th February 2022 7.0.4



  • Obsolete banner when viewing Shared Plans as a Guest removed.


  • Notes on Tasks unable to be edited once broken down
  • Recent delay logged after Publishing still appears in historical Publications
  • Delegates unable to delete an Owner's task using the right click menu.
  • Some PDF Gantt prints failing

2nd February 2022 V7.0.3



  • New Job titles. Users can now select from this curated list:

Site Engineer or Foreman, Project Engineer, Planner, Manager, or Other.

  • Email notifications to inform when you've been mentioned on a Task will now take you to the correct app to view the work in, based on your Org role. Limited members will see the Task in Field, whereas Standard members and above will see the Task in Planner.


  • Parent Tasks not automatically deleting when all it's Sub-Tasks have been deleted.
  • Working days are not being updated when a one day task with a status of 'On Schedule' is extended.
  • When a user updates their profile, their Shared With, Package Assignee and Package Owner sections still shows their outdated name and avatar.