Aphex changes
Aphex changes

3rd August 2022



  • Multi Region Data Centres
  • New Authentication


  • Gantt Controls optimised for smaller screens:
    (Tidy Up, Grouping and Sub-Group, Filter, Date Selector)
  • PDF Upload for Locations handles large files
  • User Settings page updated


  • Unable to Publish Plan
  • WBS and Location search not working when with capital letters
  • Users Page loading after each character searched for
  • Verification loop while trying to create an account
  • Assignees disappearing if parent task edited
  • Workspace selector on Clashes page has no impact
  • Unable to delete logic links via task modal
  • Tasks in newly a deactivated package briefly appear Without Package
  • Editing Lookahead period does not adjust the Outside Of Lookahead Line