Aphex changes
Aphex changes

7th July 2022



  • New homepage
  • New app navigation
  • New promised task rules


  • Promised task bars now appear hatched
  • Promising is turned off by default
  • Make Ready confirmation screen now appears over top of the Gantt
  • Day, Week and Month button has moved to the bottom right of the Gantt
  • Overlays button has moved to the Gantt navigation bar
  • Better visibility of your Project and Org role
  • Ability to rename a Publication before it's created


  • Accessing a shared plan as a guest leaves user unable to create an Aphex account
  • Offsite Locations triggering missing Work Area
  • Errors after adding a user
  • Unable to input an external ID that was used on a deleted task
  • Maps in Field only showing your own work
  • Adding an existing Org user to a Project only displays their email address and not their name
  • Admin App sometimes displaying irrelevant information on the Projects page